Born in 1966 into a musical family, Stefan-Peter Greiner began playing  violin at the age of 10, and soon after became interested in lutherie, making his first instrument at the age of 14.

For Peter, this challenge married his growing interest in music and craft with his native curiosity, and ultimately led to an apprenticeship with a violin maker in Bonn and university studies in musicology, art history and phonetics in Cologne. Throughout his early life, Peter explored the science of sound and used his learning to inform his making process, which in turn inspired further academic research.

From 1992-2010, Peter worked closely with physicist Dr. Heinrich Dünnwald, a leading scientist in violin acoustics, analyzing over 1000 instruments. Together, they completed the first tomographic study of Stradivari and analyzed the components of  the old Cremonese varnish using advanced scientific methods.

Ongoing research includes continued analyses of the sound of string instruments, CAT and 3-D technology, dendrochronologie of spruce wood, and UV-laser and infrared spectroscopy of historic violin varnish. Stradivari Varnish, written with conservation scientist Brigitte Brandmair, was published in 2010.

Peters unique approach to lutherie is ultimately rooted in his love for music, and his desire to create instruments that sing with the richness of the human voice. He is able to accomplish incomparable results by bringing together science and craft, discipline and feeling.

Greiner instruments are recognized as among the finest in the world. They are played exclusively by Christian Tetzlaff, and also by leading musicians including Franz Helmerson , Kim Kashkashian, Leonidas Kavakos, Hyeyoon Park, Antje Weithaas, and players from the Alban Berg, Hagen, Keller, Kuss and Parker string quartets.

1st Price was awarded to the folowing artists, playing Greiner instruments:

  •  Feng Ning – 1st prize in the Paganini Competition (Genoa, 2006)
  • Sergey Malov – 1st prize in the Michael Hill Competition (New Zealand 2011)
  • Sergey Malov – International Mozart Competition (Salzburg 2011)
  • Suyeon Kang – 1st prize at the Michael Hill Competition (New Zealand, 2015)
  • Linos Piano Trio – 1st price at the Melbourne international Chamber music competition (2015)


Over 150 published recordings have been made on Greiner instruments.

Peter Greiner lives and works in London Hampstead.


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