After making instruments for many years in Germany, Peter Greiner’s primary workshop is now based in London Hampstead – an area traditionally associated with a bohemian lifestyle and the many intellectual, artistic, musical and literary personalities who haved lived there. Hampstead combines the charm of a small village with proximity to Cenral London, and is defined by openness and green space.

Here, Peter’s workshop is located in a private garden studio, an ideal setting for his quite and focused work. The workshop is not open to the public.

Due to Peter´s unique making process, Greiner instruments can take up to two yeares to build. The time required for completion varies significantly for each individual instrument and cannot be accurately estimated. As many as 20 instruments are in different stages of completion at any given time.

Instruments are available for purchase directly from the maker via waiting list, and on a limited basis for immediate purchase through renowned violin dealer J&A Beares in London, and Susan Brunnert in Bonn, Germany.After purchase, Greiner instruments are sound-adjusted by Peter together with the player, and each has a sound profile is as unique as that of its musician.

And though his studio is not open to visitors, Peter is available by appointment to meet with musicians at J&A Beares in London, where avalilable Greiner instruments can be played and compared with those of the old Italien masters.

For more information about purchasing a Greiner instrument, please visit the ENQUIRIES page.


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